Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016

Trying a digital gift subscription of the New York Times (@NYTsupport)

So, the offer was reasonable, the paper is amazing, so fo Christmas we tried a digital New York Times subscription.

First experiences: the process to subscribe is horrible. Mails getting lost several times, finding somebody who may responsible is a mess, people writing mails that evrything is cancelled while at the same time the money is being taken by the same organisation. I'm sure if my personal baker would ever open a webshop for bread it would be more professional.
Customer Care is a bit better than useless. After several mails we finally got the code to redeem the gift, but still had to look for ourselves where to redeem. Still there are some unanswered questions but by now the Customer Care seems to have decided that two mails written to me is all the time and effort they can expend.

It is kind of irritating that my subscription is linked to my e-mail adress, but still to the same adress I get offers to subscribe.

So, for reading. The paper is amazing and I have to stop myself not to read it every day for hours.

Still being amazed that the NYTimes offer stories and portraits about normal people - just like you and me - getting married.

Interestingly compared to German papers, way more content about Fashion, Style and Food and way less content about architecture.

To be continued.

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