Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Warum die Deutschen auch den personalisierten Image Filter nicht mögen werden:

Um mich mal selbst von Foundation-I zu zitieren:

Actually I think, [the German community] do[es] not like [the personal image filter proposal] too much. I'll try to explain:

(1) Almost everybody on the German Wikipedia thinks, that the original problem the filter tries to solve, does not exist. So there is no positive reason to introduce an image filter.

(2) A strong majority thinks, the principle itself is evil.

So for (1) to accept an filter you would either need a community that doesn't care (way too late for that one..), or a lot of goodwill by the community for the foundation. I am afraid as long as the board doesn't move, there may be more or less infuriated opposition against the filter, but only a small minority who positively supports it. And I am afraid the board would have to move publicly enough that even a "I dont care about meta, I want to write articles about 18th century village churches"-Wikipedia will notice that move.

For (2) decrease evilness. There are two main reasons why the filter is considered evil. For one: it may allow third parties to influence the Wikipedia-experience of readers The personal filter solution deals imho pretty well with this problem, but still, interference is possible. And secondly it judges on different values than purely encyclopedic ones. I for myself think "I don't like it" is a perfectly valid judgement, but that seems to be a minority position on de.wp.

I think the personal image filter is a step in the right direction, as it adresses at least one of the three main objections. But still a long way to go for general acceptance.



Und um es im Blog auch noch mal zu sagen. Die Tage hat WMF das Protokoll der letzten Boardsitzung von Anfang Oktober veröffenticht. Der komplette Teil zum Image Filter:

Phoebe led a discussion of controversial content. She began by giving an overview of what has happened and community discussions since the Board passed a resolution on the subject in May, and covered referendum results and controversy. The Board then had a round-robin discussion around next steps.

Sue presented a proposal: that the Board send a letter to the community acknowledging opposition to the filter idea; that the idea of a category-based system be dropped, as it is problematic and highly controversial, but that staff continue discussions with the community about how to build a system that would meet the Board's objectives; and that the staff also continue to focus on their work to recruit a more diverse editor body, including women and people from the global south. Sue noted that we do not currently have technical work scheduled on the filter, so there is time to develop ideas that acknowledge community objections. This course of action was agreed to.

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