Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Liveblog: Open Editing Berlin

20:16h: A now for something new: a live blog from Open Editing (Offenes Editieren) Berlin, the oldest and original Open Editing Event :-)

Open Editing is a monthly meeting where Wikipedians meet and basically do stuff: mostly it is about writing articles, but also about uploading pictures, playing the Wikidata game, talking about life, the wikiverse and everythimg; it is to help newbies who are sometimes attending: basically people at Open Editng just do everything what they do online, - but nicer and without arguing. Open Editing started at the end of 2013 in Berlin and right now there are several similar events throughout Germany.

So right now we are in Berlin: around ten people are here. That is not so much, but there were upheavels in recent months. I hear chatter about Owls, Wikipedia navigation, jokes about Wikipedia-bickering and the food provided. Six people are writing on their laptops, one woman writes on paper  - the people here weite and talk about chemicals, locally grown food, the sport of bobsledding and the Wikimania. The mood is somewhere between calm and upbeat. Several WMDE people already said hallo and maybe one or two will even come editing.

And now I still start doing some research for my own articles.. maybe google scholar has something to offer about Bourbon Whiskey. Until now I only found articles from 1920 or very very specialized articles about the chemistry found on certain compounds found in Whiskey.

20:22h. Someone sings. "Now you have finally really arrived in Wikipedia."  Discovery: the point of return for Wikipedians is when people use your nickname to talk to you.

20:26: Yeah. I found a twenty-page articles about American whiskeys from "The alcohol textbook" which seem to have quite good contents on the technologies and craft used to today to produce whiskey.

20:41 People are getting silly.

21:01 People talking about their youth in the seventies. I will take a short control stroll to see if anybody is still actually editing. -> Yes, I do some open "edit" windows on Wikipedia.

21:06 Great. An article about Bourbon in a Journal about Groundwater: Springs and the origin of Bourbon. It's about the effect (or non-effect of Kentucky limestone water on Whiskey production)

21:12 In the next room is - by coincidence as far as I know - "Open Wikidata editing."

21:20 Battle of the songs. Notebook loudspeakers do not improve the sound of music.

21:21 Just some minutes and people will start dancing.. on tables. 

21:22 Yeah. Balkan Beats!
21:29 Talk about the upcoming Steward election. And someone explains Wikmedia Commons.

21:31 New music: Stand by me. Still nobody danncing.



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