Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Business Insider über/mit Wikipedia

Wie ich dem Business Insider entnehme, ist Jimmy Wales weiter in Weltrettung unterwegs. Jimmy Wales has taken on an unpaid job as advisor to the British government on how to make policy decisions more transparent. Da kann er dann ja auf die Best Practice der Foundation verweisen.

Die scheint als Vorbild beim BI beliebt zu sein, meint Gawker:

That is exactly what Henry Blodget, millionaire owner of Business Insider, did today on this inexplicable post, "Afghanistan Shootings A Horrifying Echo Of The My Lai Massacre In The Vietnam War." Henry himself wrote 200 words on the topic. And then, below that, he pasted the entire Wikipedia entry on "My Lai Massacre."

All 4,800 words of it.

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