Montag, 13. März 2017

Thinking about Dance Dance Wikilution (Ballettmontag)

I've been thinking for a longer timeframe now about a WikiDance project, bringing dances and dancing on Wikipedia.

It would give me the chance to combine two passions. (and I've seen some Wikip/media people who like dance as well).

And it should serve Wikipedia as well. Contentwise it is as far removed from military history as possible. The project should open up topics that are undercovered. Maybe it could even attract people we are missing in Wikipedia right now.


Writing about dance is about as useless as trying to to describe music by building a house in the style of the music.

And even when describing dance by words would be possible is possible: text describing movement, any movement, is about the most boring text ever written. Just try to read the sports articles in Wikipedia: boooring!

Pictures are not really an improvement. Basically, dance is movement, which means video would be the best form to cover it.

Animated GIF? A solution. Image: Pirouettes performed by Daria L during Paquita grand pas de deux adagio.Author. Jim Lamberson. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Using video of course would turn the project from a small, dance-oriented project to a heavy, expensive, tech-dependent project where a lot of time and resources would be spent handling equipment. Not what I would really like to do.

As can be easily seen on Youtube, producing good dance video is difficult. One needs to see what really is happening. And prefereably it should look good as well.

You need accomplished dancers to get across what you need and accomplished filmers.

(Or you need somebody who already has the videos. Then one would spent the most of the time, doing not research and producing content, but lobbying - which is none of my passions.)


I could go the boring way. Limit the project to writing. Which would bring fun to me, but not to readers.

I could sigh and resign and learn a lot about video.

I could just start, see what's happening and hope for the best.

I could inspire someone who does all the work.

So. I really would like to have/start a Wiki-Dance-project. But all the forms I can imagine would either bore myself to death or would involve spending a lot of time with equipmemt and lobbying - which means no time spent with dancing at all.

So I'm having problems to decide. Anybody any ideas?


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