Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

#Wikimania 2015 Day 0

No pictures right now. I'm sitting in the opening ceremony and the internet is sloooooow..

The first real day of Wikimania. This night was the official opening reception.

The reception was nice. Met a lot of people, had nice talks, the usual stuff. Finally more people have appearred that I don't know already from other Wikimanias - altough a lot of them  have already been to Wikimanias we just haven't met. And still I haven't seen several Wikimania mainstays - wonder if they will appear.

My roommate is Andrei from Romania and he is real cool guy. Very decent, smart, has read a third of the code of the visiual editor and as I have been told a really good photographer as well. I can tell myself being lucky.

As part of the prpconference I went to the Volunteers Support Network (a network of people inside the movement who support volunteers) - which unluckily was kind of slow. Out of maybe 20 attendants around five have ever been to the network before and so most of it was "what is a volunteer?" . "do you have to be paid staff to support volunteers?" - "what is this all about". So no real big steps forward.

For the man program: I'm still not sure if I'm impressed. A lot of talks could have been held 3,4,5 years ago - and nothing has changed. Hardly anything where I read the abstract and say "wow!". Lets see. But really looking forward to Rebeccas workshop on metrics and how to measure of you have any success.

About Mexico: I could just spend hours sitting n front of the hotel watching people and traffic. There's a lot of joggers, bikers, taxis, buses (some rather strange one), police etc. But as the always smart and wise Gereon observed: this police doesn't seem threatenung, but relaxed, friendly and actually helpful. And the park next to the hotel is used as a meeting place, marching area, waiting place for the auxiliary police. So you can see people in big lines semi-proessionally marching. Cool.

Also a lot around: bookshops. Feels like everyv 50 meters is one and there are even small kiosks in the middle of the street selling books. Cool.

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