Freitag, 23. November 2012

Just an idea: Wikipedia Micro-Grants

What would happen?

The Wikimedia Foundation/a chapter/some entity gives 10/50/100 Wikipedians (caretakers") a grant of 100/500/1000 Dollars/Euros a year to be spend on Wikipedia-improvement.


* no paid editing
* no money spend for the project of a caretaker himelf. however she may use money by other caretakers.
* the caretaker is resposible for the money and must bring proof to WMF/Chapter etc. what he has done with it. But this information also has to be public (partly - no adresses, no real names etc.) so that other Wikipedians can see it.

Could be the most effective way ever gone for money going into direct Wikipedia-improvement. Or it could open up hells of jealousy, greed and bookkepping.

Anybody willing to try?

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Haven't really understood what the grant would be for, but if it was like
"spent 5 hours, 5 € each, in the Württembergische Landesbibliothek researching for article $Lemma.
Spent 10 € for a library card.
Spent 4,50 € on a special magazine.
Spent 5 hours, 5 € each, taking pictures fo Wikipedia article $Lemma", and so on -

then the answer would be: Yes, I'd be willing to try!

dirk franke hat gesagt…

Actually I don't know what the money would be needed for. It just happens so often that one needs 50 euros for a ticket or a book or some other stuff and going to the chapter/foundation seems just to bothersome.

Then I could ask me caregiver "i need a library card and money for copies" and he could give it to me without much effort.

Anonym hat gesagt…

This idea has in fact already been realised (under a different name: flow funding) by some people who applied for a grant from the WMF.

The pilot phase of the flow founding project has just been launched.

More information on how to apply for funding will be published soon.

--poupou (one of the flow funders of the pilot phase)

HaeB hat gesagt…

As Poupou said, this pretty much corresponds to the "Flow Funding" pilot project that is expected to launch soon. In the meantime, there is more information in the already approved grant application and the draft FAQ that is being built.

The general concept of Flow Funding appears to have originated in 1991.

dirk franke hat gesagt…

Okay. I should know that.. Well, actually I do.. should have remembered. So I retract my post and just say "flow funding is great idea. wish i'd have it :-)"