Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Offenetabswegbloggen Sonntag 20110717

Welcome to my first foray into hosting the Giant's Shoulders, the monthly blog carnival devoted to the history of science. Considering the diverse arrange of wonderful and exotic posts that span the entire range of the sciences, it put me in mind of the marvelous wunderkammer (wonder-room) a.k.a. the cabinet of curiosities

RIYADH – Researchers at King Abdulaziz City for Sciences And Technology (KACST) are exerting extensive efforts in enriching Arabic Content in Wikipedia, as part of King Abdullah Initiative for Arabic Content that opts to translate worthy scientific contents in Wikipedia into Arabic.

Meiner Meinung nach der bisher beste, weil klarste Pressepost zur Causa Wikiwatch: Der Fall Wiki-Watch bleibt ungeklärt. Auch spannende Kommentare.

Langweiliger Post, aber mit schickem Bild: Wikipedia: to trust or not to trust when writing a paper

Erwähnte ich schon explizit "Best of Wikipedia", wunderbare Sammlung schöner (englischer) WP-Artikel. Die feiern Jubiläum: One Thousand

Netto gegen Netto. Wobei der dänische (mit Hund) bei mir ja viele Symapthiepunkte hat, ich dem deutschen aber Vorwerfe, Plus kaputtgemacht zu haben. Was der Text nur leise anddeutet: alle existenziellen Lebensmittel sind grundsätzlich alle, dafür gibt es ganze Regalreihen voller Schlesischer Kohlcreme und ähnliche Absonderlichkeiten.

Die Wikipedia-Bild-Weiternutzungs-Debatte in neuer Runde. Finanzer: Warum Bilder aus Commons in der Wikipedia nicht nutzbar sind


Wikipedia: The iron harvest is the annual "harvest" of unexploded ordnance, barbed wire, shrapnel balls, bullets and congruent trench supports collected by Belgian and French farmers after ploughing their fields.

Tortendiagramme für alle:

Today a startup called Visually drew back the curtains a little bit further on its data visualization technology and community. The company today unveiled an index of 2,000 data visualizations, a cute Twitter visualization creation tool and promises to help anyone create their own visualizations with a series of self-service tools to be released throughout the year. Interest in the service is so heated that the Visually website melted early this morning.

Babelfish? The main thing is Wikipedia is like a global encyclopaedia and this has a good response on the internet business now. The first thing that people look up for any doubts or enquiries regarding any subject is the Wikipedia only and hence the details entered here should be trust worthy and nearly perfect

TED. TED, TED-Talking: TED Global 2011: Forget Glastonbury, this is Nerdstock Auf deutsch und etwas länger hier: TED Global 2011/4: Virtuose Reizüberflutung

Länger überlegt es zu posten, weil doch arg hart die Videos. Facts About Turkmen Blast Hard To Come By, aus anderer Perspektive bei Youtube.

Fee as in coffee: Lernresistenz beim Wikimedia-Vorstand

Video: How to edit an Wikipedia-article:

How To Edit a Wikipedia Article von Howcast