Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Seriösität durch Statistik

Interessante Idee drüben bei Tom Morris. Der hatte eine Eingebung, wie man die Seriösität eines Wikipedia-Artikels an seinen Besucherzahlen bemessen kann. Grob gesagt: je seriöser desto größer wird der Abfall am Wochenende sein. Was für mich heißt: je seriöser, desto weniger sind Leute bereit, sich das Thema freiwillig anzusehen. Trotzdem als Idee hat es was.

A tentative hypothesis lurks there: if Wikipedia is being used as a quick reference by university students, school students, teachers and lecturers during the week, that would explain why there seems to be a dip at the weekend. (And an even more ad hoc explanation: on Saturday, people are going out and having fun or watching TV, on Sunday they are doing their homework, hence more pageviews on Sunday than Saturday.) But because movies and TV shows and pop music are fun, people still read about them on Wikipedia at the weekend, while academic articles are more of a work thing for people in universities.

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